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Title Property Record of 35 Janes Avenue
Catalog Number 2007.09.83
Scope & Content Property Record of 35 Janes Avenue

- Lot 676 -

1880 Chautauqua Lake Sunday School Assembly lease: Hiram A. Pratt, Chautauqua, NY/ 99 years from 20 July 1880, Term rent $150.00
1980 Assigned: Charles M. Livingston, Cleveland, Ohio
1981 Assigned: Mrs. G.R. Alden, Cincinnati, Ohio
1890 Chautauqua Assembly lease: Sylvester F. Conant, Jamestown, NY
1891 Chautauqua Assembly lease: Mrs. Eliza J. Smith, Panama, NY
1891 Chautauqua Assembly lease: Rev. F.A. Mills, Greenfield, PA
1992 Note: Rev. Mills built a "cottage" on this Lot
1908 Chautauqua Institution lease: Pardon H. Morey, Nathan C. Morey and Anna (aka Annie) R. Morey, all of Chautauqua, NY
1910 Estate: Pardon H. Morey died testate/ Daughter, Annie R. Morey, Executrix/ Life use of all his property, including this cottage, willed to his wife, Eliza Morey/ Upon her death the cottage goes to Annie R. Morey, her daughter/ Wills 17/18
16 Estate: Nathan C. Morey died testate/ Niece, Anna (Annie) Morey, Executrix and sole devisee/ Wills 21/36
1918 Chautauqua Institution lease: Miss Annie Morey, Chautauqua, NY/ 530/613
1936 The Chautauqua County Supreme Court ordered all four Chautauqua leases held by Annie Morey cancelled, including the 1918 lease on this Lot, and all of the property was awarded to the Receivers of Chautauqua Institution/ Nine other Lots were included in the lawsuit
1938 Chautauqua Institution lease: Samuel M. & Mary E. Hazlett (H&W), Tarentum, PA
1945 Chautauqua Institution deed: Anne Flack Rutherford, Louisville, KY/ In lieu of the 1938 lease to the Hasletts/ 653/316
1952 Clifford C. & Nina O. Cheney (H&W), Chautauqua, NY/ 930/250
1968 Estate: Nina O. Cheney died November 20, 1968 testate leaving no heirs/ George P. Rogers, Executor with full power to sell, etc/ The will directed that most of the estate be divided into two equal parts, with one going to Chautauqua Institution's Endowment Fund and the other half to Hurlbut Memorial Church's Endowment Fund. The Executor sold the property to effect the distribution directed/ #25098/ Wills 60/269
1970 Herman M. & Charlotte G. Dight (H&W), Butler, PA/ 1373/352
1976 John L. & Marianne Dight Aitken (H&W), Encino, California/ 1657/65
1977 Eleanor S. Jamison, Asheboro, NC/ 1711/61
2001 Eleanor S. Jamison, Trustee, Winston-Salem, NC/ 52-20-3
2006 December 21 - Eleanor Jamison to Jamison Manor, LLC, 7092 Killdeer Dr., Canfield, OH 44406/ 297.32-3-3/ 52-20-3
2009 July 8 Jamison Manor, LLC to James and Jamie Jamison, 7092 Killdeer Dr., Canfield, OH 44406; 2680/542
Dates of Creation 2007
Collection The Arthur Wade Property File Collection
Search Terms Jamison Manor, LLC
Pratt, Hiram A.
Livingston, Charles M.
Conant, Sylvester, F.
Smith, Eliza J.
Mills, F.A.
Morey, Pardon H.
Morey, Nathan C.
Morey, Anna R.
Morey, Annie R.
Morey, Eliza
Hazlett, Samuel M.
Hazlett, Mary E.
Rutherford, Anne Flack
Cheney, Clifford C.
Cheney, Nina O.
Rogers, George P.
Dight, Herman M.
Dight, Charlotte G.
Aitken, John L.
Aitken, Marianne Dight
Jamison, Eleanor S.
Alden, Rev. Gustavus R.
Jamison, James
Jamison, Jamie
Real Estate
Object Name Property reference file
Classification Real Estate
Lexicon category 10: Unclassifiable Artifacts
Lexicon sub-category Need to Classify
Catalog type Archive
Dates of Accumulation 2007