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Title Property Record of 14 Miller Park
Catalog Number 2007.09.223
Scope & Content Property Record of 14 Miller Park

- Lot 23 -

1873 Chautauqua Lake Camp Meeting Association lease: Sardius Steward, Harmony, NY/ 99 years from 15 July 1871/ Term rent $100.00
1886 Chautauqua Assembly lease: Mrs. Rhoda Steward, Ashville, NY
1895 Chautauqua Assembly lease: Alfred Wick, Butler, PA/ 1990 Note: The decendants of Alfred Wick who still own the property after 95 years in the family believe theirs to be the first wooden cottage completely built at Fair Point/ It was built with local lumber for the Steward family about 1879, when most leaseholders were still using tents, with some on wooden platforms
1900 Chautauqua Assembly lease: Sarah Ann (Mrs. Alfred) Wick, Butler, PA
1922 Estate: Sarah Ann Wick died intestate May 17, 1922 leaving four daughters and one son as next of kinn: Mrs. Mary W. Dale, Mrs. Stella W. Russell, Miss Blanche Wick, Miss Frances G. Wick and George B. Wick/ Son, George B. Wick appointed Administrator in 1922 in Butler County, Pennsylvania/ Ancillary papers filed in Chautauqua County, New York in 1964/ Wills Volume 50/353
1934 Estate: George B. Wick died intestate March 1, 1934 leaving his wife Lucile Wick and daughter, Elizabeth (Betty) Ann Wick to inherit his 1/5th interest in this cottage
*1939 Chautauqua Institution deed: Estate of Sarah Ann Wick, decease/ In lieu of the 1900 lease to her/ *653/106
1941 Estate: Frances G. Wick died leaving her 1/5th interest to her sister, Blanche Wick (now 2/5ths)/ 1247/66
1944 Estate: Stella Wick Russell died testate September 15, 1944/ Wills 50/349
1960 Estate: Blance Wick died April 1, 1960 testate/ Niece, Sara W. Dale, Executrix/ Files #17717 & #20939/ Wills 50/371
1962 Estate: Lucile Wick died September 15, 1962 leaving all to her daughter, Elizabeth (Betty) Wick/ ( now 1/5th)
1965 Estate: Helen Wick Russell died April 29, 1965 testate, willed half of her interest to sister Agnes R. Leet and half to brother, Richard D. Russell/ File #21801/ Wills 50/465
*1965 Chautauqua Institution Correction deed..."given for the purpose of correcting and confirming the names of the individual grantees as described in deed dated February 1, 1939 given by Chautauqua Institution to Estate of Sarah Ann Wick, deceased and recorded in Liber 653 of Deeds at page 106 and in 715/65." Sara Wick Dale, Butler, PA/ Undivided 1/6 interest; David E. Dale, Jr., Lincoln, NE/ undivided 1/6 interest.; Helen G. Russell, Pittsburgh, PA/ undivided 1/3 interest; and Elizabeth Wick, Butler, PA/ undivided 1/3 interest/ As tenants in common/ 715/106
1965 Elizabeth Wick bought David Dale's interest
1969 Agnes Russell Leet conveyed to Robert A. Leet, Ridgewood, NJ/ 1359/148
1979 Richard Donald Russell died testate April 30, 1979 and willed all to wife, Ottie/ File #36344/ Wills 33/157
1980 Ottie S. Russell, Pittsburgh, PA/ undivided 1/6th interest/ 1877/513
1984 Ottie S. Russell died testate August 29, 1984, Son, Richard and Pittsburgh National Bank, Executors/ File #40560
1985 Richard M. Russell, Bronxville, NY/ undivided 1/6th interest/ 2090/471
1990 Note: It seems, but not a certainty, that the ownership is: Elizabeth Wick, 4/6ths; Robert A. Leet 1/6th; and Richard M. Russell 1/6th
1993 Donna M. Russell, Hilton Head, SC/ 1/6th interest/ 2294/372
2006 January 4 - Elizabeth Wick to Richard M. Russell - 1/3 interest - 152 Victoria Dr., Hilton Head, SC 29926-1087; and Sally Fleischmann - 2/3 interest
2008 November 25 Donna Russell, 152 Victoria Dr., Hilton Head, SC 29926; 2667/246
2009 April 9 John & Jennifer Houghton, 103 Boone Trail, Severna Park, MD 21146; 2675/357
Dates of Creation 2007
Collection The Arthur Wade Property File Collection
Search Terms Steward, Sardius
Steward, Rhoda
Wick, Alfred
Wick, Sarah Ann
Dale, Mary W.
Russell, Stella W.
Wick, Blanche
Wick, Frances G.
Wick, George B.
Wick, Lucile
Wick, Elizabeth Ann
Dale, Sara W.
Russell, Helen Wick
Leet, Agnes R.
Russell, Richard D.
Dale, David E., Jr.
Russell, Helen G.
Leet, Robert A.
Russell, Ottie S.
Russell, Richard M.
Russell, Donna M.
Fleischmann, Sally
Houghton, John
Houghton, Jennifer
Real Estate
Object Name Property reference file
Classification Real Estate
Lexicon category 10: Unclassifiable Artifacts
Lexicon sub-category Need to Classify
Catalog type Archive
Dates of Accumulation 2007
Cottage Nickname Wick Cottage